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Why Choose

Suite Setup Consulting?


According to Business Insider, approximately 12% of couples consider divorce after remodelling their homes.  It's a crazy statistic, I mean how hard can a renovation really be? 

Through my extensive experience, I can tell you that the biggest issues arise from couples not being on the same page and upfront with their expectations when it comes to the real outcomes of the renovation. That's where I come in handy,

I'm are able to offer an impartial point of view based on;,

 - what's styles will give you the best longevity, 

 - what will get you the best return on your dollar

 - clarifying what you really want and need, &

 - what will give you the best quality of life.


This is my business. I have spent many years making all the mistakes on my own renovations so that you don't have to, on-top of that I have an extensive network of Builders and Tradespeople who I trust, and they trust me, that means discounts and priority time slots for you, saving you money.


I do the leg work.

Buying your supplies is the biggest expense in a renovation, so this is where you will save the most money with me, I have a national database of suppliers whom we can source from and you get to leverage off the trade discount.

The savings just in product alone is often enough to pay for my services, with teh added bonus that you have that extra support and guidance when the going gets tough.


Time is money!

When the building industry is going well, you might be waiting weeks or months for a good tradie or builder to come to your job, and often they will only try and fit you in between jobs meaning that your renovation will take much longer. Through my network, I will ensure that the builder is there at your doorstep when they need to be, and out before you know it. this means your renovation is done and you can move on with your life.


We work for you!

Unlike other consultants in the building game, we work for you, I want what you want,      I don't work to a "signature" style which is there to inflate my ego and isn't what you want.

I don't charge percentages of the build to try and up-sell you on the more expensive items, so unless you request something bespoke, I plan to use items that are easily and readily available which is a huge cost saver.