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The House from hell 5 The finale

We had a beautiful driveway slab put in, this meant no more carrying mud through the house, no more.

That didn't mean that we were done, not even close.

Firstly, the garden was still just mud, void of any greenery, but a quick and easy fix is crushed stone, often you can get crushed stone extremely cheap, and some of the mines have specials where they will deliver for free if you get enough of it. In this case, we got a crushed mixed rock, mainly sand stone, it was a nice light colour which would allow for a nice light reflection in those darker areas under the house, and around the sides of the house.

You can make up your own mind on the aesthetics, but it's hard to beat for the price.

This job took us just over 3 days to move all the stone around and wash the dust to bring out the beautiful natural colour of the stone.

Note: due to the natural slope of this particular block, a few small retaining walls needed to be installed on the boundary to ensure that the stones and dirt didn't spread into the neighbours yard, and kept the stones from being spread and swallowed by the dirt underneath.

From here we were pretty close to a quick clean inside and paint inside and out.

It was a pretty rocky reno, however when it was all done, it was so incredibly rewarding, and even better that this renovation saved the owner from declaring bankruptcy and loosing everything.

Inside, very few modifications were required, and most of the paint was already done and the internals only required a small wall removed, a kitchen bench installed, replacement of Natural Gas oven to an Electric one, and a paint touch up.

Here are the final shots.

Make sure to scroll through the photos to see the inside.

So what's the end of this story?

We were quoted about $250k for a new simple house, not including any possible price increases due a re-design of the drain at the front, as well as extra landscaping.

Where as this house cost less than $100k to buy and move the house into position, and the reno only cost just under $50k with the owner doing a bulk of the work with my guidance.

This property subsequently sold for about $650k and helped to pay off the debt to the bank, as well as pay for the reno.

As for the the block next door, that was sold off for a cool $350k which was a tidy profit for the owner to slip into their pocket to move ahead with any other projects we completed later.

Thanks so much for getting this far, I know a few of the episodes were long, but hopefully the information provided will help you make a better decision today and tomorrow.

As always, I am only a phone call away if you need help planning and organising your next Renovation.


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