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The House from hell 3

What an exercise this has been!

- Demolishing a house

- Moving a house

moving a house again - this time only across the block

- Block all destroyed and mud absolutely everywhere.

But we're still in high spirits, the house is in position, it looks good in position, we just need to get some stumps.

So we are that much closer to having a real house, one with steps, a garden, and not looking like a car which has had it's wheels stolen.

Well that was easy....

Slight improvement and it means it's ready to get onto the Reno..... almost

We just have to assess the damage from being moved.

As you can tell, only minor cosmetic damage, and lucky for us, has been picked up by the movers meaning we don't need to worry, should all be done and cleaned up for us.

We just have to go ahead and start the reno.

Next Post: The Reno (Don't worry, It'll be posted shortly)


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