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The House from hell 2

Who has been hanging to find out what happens next in our story? I know I have.

So we kick off where we left off.

We just found our perfect home for one of the newly created blocks, but it's all the way on the other side of the city, and it's a house. How can we get it from there to here? Is it like lego? We just pull it apart and move it brick by brick?

Well for the answers to that question, we engaged the help of a house mover, have you ever been driving down the road, late at night, only to be directed to the side of the road while a whole house moves towards you like a landslide is pushing it past you? Well we had to do that. lucky for us, since the lot was only small, the house was only small, this meant we could fit the whole house on 1 truck, no need to cut it, or split it. Just PLOP! the whole house onto the back of a (big) truck.

We only had 1 problem, the existing house was still there, and we couldn't fit the new one next to it, ontop of that, it was full of asbestos. SO we quickly looked around for a demolition crew to help us dismantle and move away the old house (It was too awkward and big to sell to a house mover). We didn't have to look far because the team who was recommended to us to move the house, also happened to have a demolition department (and they were asbestos certified), and what's even better, they agreed to demolish the house for free, so long as we allow them to salvage some of the materials, and use them to move the house.

With our biggest hurdles out of the way, we went about the planning.

A task like this requires a lot of planning, we had to ensure that the blocks were free of debris from the old house, we had to make sure the blocks were properly marked, and most of all, we had to make sure the bank knew what we were doing so that we could get ready to release the second title for the lot. up until this time, although we had 2 lots, they were all on one title, that meant that technically, they were counted as 1 for all intent and purpose, and the bank technically owned both, so we couldn't do anything without the banks permission.

At this point in time, I would like to remind you, that convincing a bank to allow you to demolish a house is no easy task, we had to prove to them that we would be actually increasing the value of their assets by removing the house and splitting the block, than if we just left it as it was.

once that was out of the way, the bank was happy, the movers were happy, and we were happy to get going. We demolished the house without any issue, the block was clear, the surveyor marked the lots with pegs, and the block was smoothed out.

It was time to move the house.

She looks decidedly worse in the photos than she actually was in real life.

The house was a nice weatherboard place with mostly original windows, and an extension on the back to add another room and deck.

When I arrived on the scene it was a sight to be seen, a house, on a truck!

The only problem? The house was on the wrong lot.... wait a minute! This is when the first problem occurred, Why is it on the wrong lot? I asked the foreman to see what was going on, at which point I was told that the block was not pegged... which was funny, because the guy was standing next to one of the pegs.

Couple hours later, the story had changed and the office called me to say it wasn't because of the pegs, it was because the lot it was on was higher which meant it was easier to place the house onto during the night...

Anyway, change of story aside we planned to have her raised on stumps to allow a small carport/garage underneath. The team confirming the plans for the stumping had sent through a plan with the stumps spaced enough to allow a large car to fit underneath while still allowing room on either side, however when the final plans arrived and the quote came through, that gap left for a car space had mysteriously disappeared.

When this was brought to the attention of the team, there was a fee to change the plans, and then some extra for materials, this was the start of my suspicion that maybe this team was more of a circus, but as they say, the show must go on.

So of course we paid this new invoice which they were holding us to ransom over and we proceeded to figure out how we would move the house across a block, I suggested that we pull the truck out and reverse it back into place, this was quickly vetoed for a more elaborate plan which involved the house being pulled across by the semi, and.... A recovery tow tractor, and surprise surprise... this had to paid for by.... us of course.

So 4 hours go by whilst we drag a trailer with house attached through the mud sideways (during the night, between when the house was placed on the block, and the morning we arrived it had rained a considerable amount) pulling up all the top soil, gouging a large trough through the ground, until it was finally in place..... Wouldn't it have been easier to pull the truck out and reverse it back in? YES.

Are the problems over? Not yet. Stay tuned for the next edition.


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