Why you need a consultant!

Not all renovations are created equal.

There are inherent risks with renovating.

       Top of the lists are:

              - Risking your Health

              - Blowing out your budget   

              - Overcapitalising

              - Building outside of code

              - Devaluing your asset.

A renovation consultant can help you navigate the renovation ocean to arrive at your destination on time & within budget.

  With the added potential benefit of saving you thousands!

Our Services

Home Visit

Are you a Renovation veteran, just lacking the big picture vision?

Let us help you envision your dream home.

Written Briefs

Not going to remember all our plans during the walkthrough?

We can do a detailed brief for you.


Have no idea what you need to buy?
We can always tag along and you can use our discounts.

On-site visits

Want a progress check?

We can come out and ensure that everything is running on time & on budget.

Organise & Consult

just a few rooms, or the whole house.

Let us arrange everything from start to finish.


Don't see what you want?

With a large network of contractors and vendors, we can ensure to help you complete your reno.


"Alex is so easy to deal with,

he's efficient, dedicated,

and very accommodating"


Director Vivre Clothing


Ready to find out more?

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, give me a call or send an email to any of the details in the contact form or social media channels.

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